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When The Heart Bleeds


I know for those who do not have the habit of writing will sigh when is said “Writing down what you feel is good therapy” and it is.

After an extreme ordeal it was suggested that I consult a professional to help me move forward into my new life. Took a while before I convinced myself to find someone, chose the second one and sat in the famous chair and we both started listening to the sound of crickets.

A few sessions down the road, I was given the homework of writing anything that was going through my mind at any given time. It didn’t matter what, as long I was writing something. It started with a phrase and eventually turned into pages until I rediscovered a best friend I had lost a long time ago, myself.

Who best to listen to your bleeding heart but yourself! Thinking and talking to yourself doesn’t release the pain as well as pouring the blood onto paper. Of course you can talk it over with friends without forgetting the pint of ice cream or beer, which helps, but there are no reservations when it’s just you, the ink and the paper (or keyboard of course).

Between you and yourself, there are no worries about being judged, reprimanded, ridiculed, etc… Especially if the cause of your bleeding heart is a certain someone. You can shed your tears, share your fears, unleash the anger or pour your heart out.

So the best piece of advice and lesson learned from my professional friend before dealing with an issue that is poisoning the heart, “grab your weapons (pen and paper), take position (write), ATTACK!!! (face the issue with a clearer head).


From Mr Right to Mr Grey, Really?!


I never thought it would come to this. The day when I would roll my eyes because everyone is on a book and I refuse to read it. I’ve had more conversations about it than any other book that I’ve actually read.

I thought Twilight was bad, but this?! It’s been a hot topic since it first came out and people won’t shut up about it. If you haven’t guessed which one I’m talking about, lucky you, where’s that cave you’ve been living in because I want to move in with you.

There is not one get together without the mention of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It feels worse than the “New Kids On The Block” era. What we’ve got here is a crowd of mature women daydreaming, regretting, rethinking their marriage, or even worse, thinking of jumping the fence to find Mr Grey.

And to find out some men I know have actually read it, here comes the acid reflux. By the way guys, if you read it, shut up. When women find out some guys read it willingly without any arm twisting from anyone, it’s like finding out Mr Macho actually has a very high pitch voice, a small penis and doesn’t know how to use it. They laugh behind your back dude…

So where is that cave because there might be a movie soon. I need to hibernate, wake me up when it’s all over.

I applaud the author and only have sincere congratulations for the huge success. Not trying to judge and put down the book itself especially that I haven’t read it yet. Yet?! No, no… Let me rephrase that. “That I will not read, EVER!”. And get that thought out of your head “Never say never”. What annoys me is the fact that many women are letting fiction get in the way of their head, heart and life.

Grow up…

Cheating the day after… on my BlackBerry

Being an avid and faithful user of BlackBerry, I have fallen for the temptation to switch.

The new Z10 was like that person you just wanna try thinking it might just be better than what you have, but the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The new phone is fantastic and super efficient. I couldn’t ask for more. Or could I.

It’s that God forsaken qwerty that I miss so much. And getting use to something completely new and different. It actually feels like a man in his midlife crisis, leaving his wife for some bimbo and then realizing he made a horrible mistake and can’t get his old wife back.

I know I will get use to this eventually but I can’t help but to glance every so often at my old used up to the bone BlackBerry. There’s a little bit of guilt in me caused by loyalty. And regardless of which phone I upgrade to, there’s always that little pinch. But like any love affair, I finally get over it and move on.

Killing the Montreal-Portuguese Chicken Tradition


In the past few weeks, the Montreal-Portuguese community has made the headlines in the news. Why? Because some high-end Plateau residents don’t like the smell of charcoal ovens used for the famous chicken.

Thank God this is a blog and that I am not reporting for a major newspaper because I’d probably end up fired.

See, the story is that for decades the Portuguese grilled chicken has been one of Montreal’s Plateau trademarks. Anyone walking the main around Rachel street knows and looks for that fantastic odor. What would the main be without it? It’s part of the culture. Anyone who finds out I have Portuguese blood flowing in my veins automatically points out how awesome the chicken is. And obviously, they romance each experience they had at each one of the most famous places in that area.

Now it would seem, as per major newspapers, some residents in that area are making complaints to the city about the smell.

So what’s really wrong with that smell? What? Is it making you constantly hungry and forcing you to cheat your diet? Honestly, I really don’t care what the reason is.

Let me point out that these family owned joints are what makes the beauty of that part of town. If all the little multicultural businesses leave because some high-end, nose pointed up in the air, head stuck up their as*** residents decide that it’s bothering them… Move out!!! The locals have been living there for generations and enjoy what they have built since their arrival. If all those landmarks disappeared, the high value of those fancy little condos will lose value and be worth nothing.

I can understand if the smoke from the stoves and grills pollute the air something has to be done. Instead of slapping those families with 50k+ fines from the city only forcing most to put the key in the door, Montreal should help them with financing of the high tech ventillation system they are now required to install. The bill can go up to 100k!!! That’s a lot of chicken to grill, let me tell you.

So two choices my dear city of Montreal. Either stop trying to make money with fines and looking good to your snotty complainers by actually trying to help the ones that actually attract people and tourism to that part of the city. Or just go ahead and kill all those businesses. Eventually, Le Plateau will not be as attractive and all those city taxes you are banking on will be gone…

Pour le meilleur mais pas le pire


(Publication de décembre)

Le temps des fêtes étant arrivé, les préparatifs pour les célébrations familiales sont entamés. Voila venue la principale excuse de ce rejoindre en famille si ce n’est que l’unique occasion pour se voir tous. Les relations familiales se renouent et le rapprochement des gens se fortifie.

Mais est-ce le cas pour les relations amoureuses. Ce temps très spécial de l’année permet aux couples de prendre un peu de répit, prendre quelques jours de repos, partir dans le nord, louer un chalet avec un bain tourbillon et une peau d’ours (une simili peau d’ours voyons) devant le foyer, profiter peut-être des activités offertes par leur ville respective. Alors techniquement, le temps fêtes permet aux couples de se ressourcés, intensifier la relation et de se rapprochés. Et sans oublier le temps investit à penser et magasiner le fameux cadeau qui mettra des étincelles aux yeux de l’être bienaimé.

Mais c’est drôle car dernièrement je ne vois que des couples en rupture. Notre fameuse et majeure source de potins, Facebook, indique le contraire dans les statuts de certains de nos contacts. A un mois près de la fête de Saint-Nicolas, le l’état de relation change de « En couple » a « Seul ».  Et commence les commentaires de tous les amis suivant l’annonce officielle.

 De nos jours, les relations amoureuses changent comme les saisons pour certains. Est-ce la libération de nos baby-boomeurs qui en est la cause?  La plupart d’entre nous vivons des relations à court terme. Pourquoi? Parce que nous sautons en couple, emménageons ensemble des le début sans même savoir si nous faisons bonne paire et sans prendre le temps de se connaitre. Où est passé l’ère de nos ancêtres qui travaillaient fort à bâtir une relation tout comme sils s’investissaient à leur boulot. Dans leur période, il existait des protocoles, des règles à courtiser et préparer une relation amoureuse profonde et stable. Le changement de partenaire comme changer de chaussettes était mal vu. Une fois le partenaire bien choisit, cette personne était alors présentée à la famille. Il ne fallait surtout pas être accompagné d’un partenaire diffèrent à chaque temps des fêtes.  Mais aujourd’hui ce n’est plus le cas. Il faut s’attendre à ce que notre frère ou sœur se présente au réveillon avec la nouvelle saveur de la saison.

 Les valeurs familiales ont un peu changées au fil des ans, mais en ce qui en est pour les relations de couple… C’est l’apocalypse! Dans le serment de mariage, on entend souvent « pour le meilleur et pour le pire ».  Notre génération a amplifié pour le meilleur mais pas pour le pire. Peu importe si nous décidons de traverser le chemin du mariage, il reste que les couples sautent au stade de la vie commune sans réflexion. Combien de fois ai-je entendu l’expression « si ca marche, tant mieux, et si ca marche pas, bien tant pis, NEXT…» Quand les temps deviennent durs, au lieu de travailler ensemble à déceler les problèmes, corriger la situation et mettre des efforts qui peuvent rapporter fruit et construire une relation encore plus forte que jour un, les bras se rabaissent, les mains se secouent  et chacun repars de son côté.

 Est-ce vraiment la façon dont les gens agissent dans tous les aspects de leur vie? Si vous êtes prêt à abandonner si vite la supposée âme sœur, comment pouvez vous vous prendre au sérieux avec tous les autres buts dans votre vie? Il me semble assez évident que le problème de décrochage n’est pas seulement que pour les ados au secondaire mais pour nos gens maintenant qui prennent plusieurs décisions dans leur vie a la légère.    


Montreal Real Estate Rentals Have Gone Mad Cow On Us

Has anyone been looking for a new place this season? I have and let me tell you, the rental market has gone mad cow. Six or seven years ago, we had a shortage of places for rent. When you visited an apartment, it didn’t matter if you liked it or not, as long as it was in your budget, you took it because you just didn’t want to end up homeless and back to mommy’s house. I mean it has it’s perks to be back home, no rent to pay, hot meal waiting for you and your laundry is always done. But let’s face it. Once you are gone from the family nest, you wanna stay gone. Not very much of a winner if you try to impress your date by bringing her in your single bed covered with spiderman sheets.

Today, it’s the complete opposite. There are tons of places to choose from but the brutal rental prices have gone off the roof. With the explosive growth of condos all over the city and the low interest rates, almost anyone can now own a piece of the pie. And the current landlords actually think that their old run down dwellings are worth what they are asking for. But do they realize that if we can afford their ridiculous fees, we’ll end up buying instead. And why not? Why pay for something old that doesn’t even belong to us when we can purchase a beautiful newly built home in a state of the art building with all the extra conveniences (pool, lounge, terrace, gym, etc…)

You might think the winner in all this is the buyer and not the renter. Actually, they both lose in a way. Give it some time and the financial market will eventually go up. That little miserable 3% interest rate that everyone is enjoying right now might rise at some point. And when it does, most owners will lose their shirts because they are already maxed out on what they can afford. 1% or 2% might just be enough to drown them.

A lot of condos will end up vacant from foreclosure, owners will have to find somewhere else to live, but the price of rentals will remain up there. And the inevitable will happen again, not enough rentals to satisfy the demand but this time they will be out of budget. So in the end, we all lose. So to all the parents out there, that extra room you gained when your offspring left the nest and that you have planned to convert into your room for the spa, I’d hold off on the plan just in case…

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