Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Inner Hurt

We all have good and bad moments. The good moments are enjoyable and we wish they could last forever. But we also need the bad moments to put perspective into our lives.

They are what helps us rebuild our base foundation. Without that solid base, we are doomed to either stay miserable or continuously fail. It also recharges us.

But for that, after the pitty party, we gotta sit back and figure out why we are feeling that way and until we finally and fully understand what is poisoning our mind, can we then make peace and move on.

We can blame our crappy childhood, our inadequate parents or past lovers but bottom line, we gotta figure out how to strengthen up.

Só the lack of love we felt, regardless who was responsible to bring us to that state, has to be repaired by choosing how we love ourself and choose the right person to love us.


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