You have been living with me and inside me.

You have been lingering around always teasing me with the idea that you are finally gone and out of my life. But you always find the perfect moment to slap me with your presence right smack in thé face.

You are thé worse poison I’ve encountered and wish I had the antidote to kill you.

I hope one day you get to feel the equivalente of what I feel. I hope you lose exactly what I’ve lost.

Thank you for having destroyed my life, taken away all the joy I could ever possibly feel and robbing me from the love I ever got.

Hope you are happy with what you’ve done. Don’t you think your job is done?


About Isabel Lima

Diamond in the rough, protected by a hard shell caused but abuse, but soft and warm in the inside. Writer, real estate and car junkie, God follower and mother of her children. Mary Kay Ind. Director, MakeUp Stylist. Speaker for women victims of abuse. Not your everyday superwoman but a SuperNova of a woman. View all posts by Isabel Lima

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