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Killing the Montreal-Portuguese Chicken Tradition


In the past few weeks, the Montreal-Portuguese community has made the headlines in the news. Why? Because some high-end Plateau residents don’t like the smell of charcoal ovens used for the famous chicken.

Thank God this is a blog and that I am not reporting for a major newspaper because I’d probably end up fired.

See, the story is that for decades the Portuguese grilled chicken has been one of Montreal’s Plateau trademarks. Anyone walking the main around Rachel street knows and looks for that fantastic odor. What would the main be without it? It’s part of the culture. Anyone who finds out I have Portuguese blood flowing in my veins automatically points out how awesome the chicken is. And obviously, they romance each experience they had at each one of the most famous places in that area.

Now it would seem, as per major newspapers, some residents in that area are making complaints to the city about the smell.

So what’s really wrong with that smell? What? Is it making you constantly hungry and forcing you to cheat your diet? Honestly, I really don’t care what the reason is.

Let me point out that these family owned joints are what makes the beauty of that part of town. If all the little multicultural businesses leave because some high-end, nose pointed up in the air, head stuck up their as*** residents decide that it’s bothering them… Move out!!! The locals have been living there for generations and enjoy what they have built since their arrival. If all those landmarks disappeared, the high value of those fancy little condos will lose value and be worth nothing.

I can understand if the smoke from the stoves and grills pollute the air something has to be done. Instead of slapping those families with 50k+ fines from the city only forcing most to put the key in the door, Montreal should help them with financing of the high tech ventillation system they are now required to install. The bill can go up to 100k!!! That’s a lot of chicken to grill, let me tell you.

So two choices my dear city of Montreal. Either stop trying to make money with fines and looking good to your snotty complainers by actually trying to help the ones that actually attract people and tourism to that part of the city. Or just go ahead and kill all those businesses. Eventually, Le Plateau will not be as attractive and all those city taxes you are banking on will be gone…


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