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Cheating the day after… on my BlackBerry

Being an avid and faithful user of BlackBerry, I have fallen for the temptation to switch.

The new Z10 was like that person you just wanna try thinking it might just be better than what you have, but the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The new phone is fantastic and super efficient. I couldn’t ask for more. Or could I.

It’s that God forsaken qwerty that I miss so much. And getting use to something completely new and different. It actually feels like a man in his midlife crisis, leaving his wife for some bimbo and then realizing he made a horrible mistake and can’t get his old wife back.

I know I will get use to this eventually but I can’t help but to glance every so often at my old used up to the bone BlackBerry. There’s a little bit of guilt in me caused by loyalty. And regardless of which phone I upgrade to, there’s always that little pinch. But like any love affair, I finally get over it and move on.


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