The Inner Hurt

We all have good and bad moments. The good moments are enjoyable and we wish they could last forever. But we also need the bad moments to put perspective into our lives.

They are what helps us rebuild our base foundation. Without that solid base, we are doomed to either stay miserable or continuously fail. It also recharges us.

But for that, after the pitty party, we gotta sit back and figure out why we are feeling that way and until we finally and fully understand what is poisoning our mind, can we then make peace and move on.

We can blame our crappy childhood, our inadequate parents or past lovers but bottom line, we gotta figure out how to strengthen up.

Só the lack of love we felt, regardless who was responsible to bring us to that state, has to be repaired by choosing how we love ourself and choose the right person to love us.


Espèce Egoïste


Aujourd’hui, nous sommes entourés par la voie libre de vivre. Nous sommes une génération de « me, myself and I ». Il s’agit de moi, moi-même et de seulement que moi. On ne pense qu’à nous sans même juger ou estimer comment nos actions peuvent affecter positivement ou négativement les autres. Travailler sur soi-même, créer un nouveau moi, demander plus pour soi-même. Moi, moi, moi, moi, moi…

Nous sommes poussés à penser seulement qu’à nous-mêmes grâce à tous les médias, gurus de motivation, ou appelez-le tout ce que vous voulez, mais ce que l’on a omis de nous laver le cerveau avec ou mieux encore, ce que la plupart d’entre nous ne comprenons pas réellement est que nous devons aussi réaliser ce que nous avons autour et avec nous. La planète ne tourne pas seulement autour de nous, mais aussi de ce qui fait partie de nos vies. Nous sommes devenu tellement concentrés sur nous-mêmes, en essayant de nous améliorer et notre vie, et finissons par devenir quelqu’un que nous ne sommes pas car nous oublions les autres choses qui nous rendent entier. Nous nous concentrons sur notre image, notre corps, nos désirs inutiles. Mais en tournant notre attention constante sur nous-même, nous finissons par devenir égoïste avec les autres et plus dangereusement avec nous. A la fin de notre vie, nous risquons de finir seul avec notre égoïsme et ca si notre égoïsme nous laisse finir nos jours avec.

De plus en plus nous pouvons remarquer que les gens finissent seuls ou même avec des gens tous comme eux résultant en relations vides, sans fond. Ce n’est que quand il est trop tard que ces gens réalisent qu’ils ont vécu une vie remplie de matériel, amitiés sans loyauté, relations d’apparences, sans amour vrai. Les bases fondamentales de l’être humain ne sont comblés et ces gens ne s’en aperçoivent seulement qu’en détresse. Mais souvent, par le temps que ces égoïstes se réveillent, les gens qui étaient vraiment important à leurs vies ne sont plus présents. Leurs actions de sans cœur et grand manque de respect, finissent par épuiser la compassion et l’amour de celui ou celle qui a de l’amour vrai pour cette personne qui n’en mérite aucunement. L’égoïste peut bien essayer de retravailler la relation avec cette personne à plusieurs reprises, mais éventuellement, cette personne arrive à sa limite et tourne le dos à l’égoïste. Et avec raison.

Oui il faut faire du travail sur soi-même pour devenir une meilleure personne et aussi atteindre ses buts de vie, mais pas aux dépends des personnes importantes dans nos vies. Il faut travailler nos relations personnelles, qu’elles soient nos relations amoureuses ou nos relations avec nos amis et gens qui nous entourent. Malheureusement certains mots manquent au vocabulaire des égoïstes. Si vous comprenez la définition de chacun des mots suivants, vous avez des chances de vous en sortir même si vous avez tendance à être égoïste.

  • Respect (des autres)
  • Compassion (pour les autres)
  • Amour (envers les autres)
  • Altruisme

Et voici la liste des mots au tout début du dictionnaire d’un égoïste.

  • Moi
  • Moi
  • Moi

Oups… Ce ne sont que les seuls mots présents dans leur dictionnaire. Pas surprenant…

Grabbing the Ragging Bull By the Horns


Grabbing the Ragging Bull By The Horns


For those Taureans who like to follow their horoscope to the letter, and for those who find it amusing to see what is posted about our personality, this page is going to be a comparison about our caracter. Whatever I see out there and compare it to me.

Quote #1 (Tweeted today by @AllAboutTaurus)

”As a #Taurus I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

-This one is entirely true. It’s not the lie that hurts the most, it’s the fact that from now on you can’t trust that person. Even for little details. You will always give the benefit of the doubt but deep down there will always be that little voice that says ”Wish I could believe you entirely” And there is also that feeling that the liar never had enough respect for you. And in the end, yourself becomes vague in details to protect yourself from being hurt again.

Quote #2 (Tweeted yesterday by @TaurusBelievers)

#Taurus puts up with a lot of stress before she hits her boiling point.”

-Another true one. Why put up with so much? Because we are strong and can carry so much on our shoulders. There’s also a little bit of ego in there with the ”I can do it” attitude. Why bother people or wait for others to do it when we can just take care of it ourselves because we are the first person we trust. But the problem is, we don’t know to set our limit and we don’t ask for help either. Until it’s just too darn late. Why we do that? Because we don’t want to deal with the rejection. So end result? Eyes turn red, steam comes out of our nose and we charge straight ahead blind…

Today’s advice… My little Ferdinands, pick a flower, sit back and enjoy the scent….

Dawn of Empty Soul



Today we are surrounded by the self way of living.

We are in a generation of me, myself and I. It’s all about me. What’s in it for me…

Work on yourself, meditate for you, create a new you, ask more for yourself.

Me, me, me, me, me… We are pushed to only think about ourselves but what all these medias, motivators and gurus, or call it whatever you want, have omitted to brainwash us with, or even better, what most of us don’t actually understand is that we also need to realize what we have with us. It’s not just all about me, but also what is part of our lives and the person that we are.

We’ve become so focused on ourselves, trying to make ourselves better and someone we are not that we forget about the other things that makes us whole. We focus on our image, body, our wants. But by turning our constant attention on us, we will eventually become selfish with others, and most dangerously with us. By the end of our life, we risk ending alone with our selfish self… And that is if our selfish self will still have us.



When The Heart Bleeds


I know for those who do not have the habit of writing will sigh when is said “Writing down what you feel is good therapy” and it is.

After an extreme ordeal it was suggested that I consult a professional to help me move forward into my new life. Took a while before I convinced myself to find someone, chose the second one and sat in the famous chair and we both started listening to the sound of crickets.

A few sessions down the road, I was given the homework of writing anything that was going through my mind at any given time. It didn’t matter what, as long I was writing something. It started with a phrase and eventually turned into pages until I rediscovered a best friend I had lost a long time ago, myself.

Who best to listen to your bleeding heart but yourself! Thinking and talking to yourself doesn’t release the pain as well as pouring the blood onto paper. Of course you can talk it over with friends without forgetting the pint of ice cream or beer, which helps, but there are no reservations when it’s just you, the ink and the paper (or keyboard of course).

Between you and yourself, there are no worries about being judged, reprimanded, ridiculed, etc… Especially if the cause of your bleeding heart is a certain someone. You can shed your tears, share your fears, unleash the anger or pour your heart out.

So the best piece of advice and lesson learned from my professional friend before dealing with an issue that is poisoning the heart, “grab your weapons (pen and paper), take position (write), ATTACK!!! (face the issue with a clearer head).

From Mr Right to Mr Grey, Really?!


I never thought it would come to this. The day when I would roll my eyes because everyone is on a book and I refuse to read it. I’ve had more conversations about it than any other book that I’ve actually read.

I thought Twilight was bad, but this?! It’s been a hot topic since it first came out and people won’t shut up about it. If you haven’t guessed which one I’m talking about, lucky you, where’s that cave you’ve been living in because I want to move in with you.

There is not one get together without the mention of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It feels worse than the “New Kids On The Block” era. What we’ve got here is a crowd of mature women daydreaming, regretting, rethinking their marriage, or even worse, thinking of jumping the fence to find Mr Grey.

And to find out some men I know have actually read it, here comes the acid reflux. By the way guys, if you read it, shut up. When women find out some guys read it willingly without any arm twisting from anyone, it’s like finding out Mr Macho actually has a very high pitch voice, a small penis and doesn’t know how to use it. They laugh behind your back dude…

So where is that cave because there might be a movie soon. I need to hibernate, wake me up when it’s all over.

I applaud the author and only have sincere congratulations for the huge success. Not trying to judge and put down the book itself especially that I haven’t read it yet. Yet?! No, no… Let me rephrase that. “That I will not read, EVER!”. And get that thought out of your head “Never say never”. What annoys me is the fact that many women are letting fiction get in the way of their head, heart and life.

Grow up…

Cheating the day after… on my BlackBerry

Being an avid and faithful user of BlackBerry, I have fallen for the temptation to switch.

The new Z10 was like that person you just wanna try thinking it might just be better than what you have, but the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The new phone is fantastic and super efficient. I couldn’t ask for more. Or could I.

It’s that God forsaken qwerty that I miss so much. And getting use to something completely new and different. It actually feels like a man in his midlife crisis, leaving his wife for some bimbo and then realizing he made a horrible mistake and can’t get his old wife back.

I know I will get use to this eventually but I can’t help but to glance every so often at my old used up to the bone BlackBerry. There’s a little bit of guilt in me caused by loyalty. And regardless of which phone I upgrade to, there’s always that little pinch. But like any love affair, I finally get over it and move on.

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