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Feel, no feel… What?

When you feel but you don’t .

When you care but you don’t.

Hurt, pain, sadness. Which one is it.

Joy, comfort, happiness. There but so invisible.

Trust… What and how?

You’re moving forward but towards the back…


Dawn of Empty Soul



Today we are surrounded by the self way of living.

We are in a generation of me, myself and I. It’s all about me. What’s in it for me…

Work on yourself, meditate for you, create a new you, ask more for yourself.

Me, me, me, me, me… We are pushed to only think about ourselves but what all these medias, motivators and gurus, or call it whatever you want, have omitted to brainwash us with, or even better, what most of us don’t actually understand is that we also need to realize what we have with us. It’s not just all about me, but also what is part of our lives and the person that we are.

We’ve become so focused on ourselves, trying to make ourselves better and someone we are not that we forget about the other things that makes us whole. We focus on our image, body, our wants. But by turning our constant attention on us, we will eventually become selfish with others, and most dangerously with us. By the end of our life, we risk ending alone with our selfish self… And that is if our selfish self will still have us.



When The Heart Bleeds


I know for those who do not have the habit of writing will sigh when is said “Writing down what you feel is good therapy” and it is.

After an extreme ordeal it was suggested that I consult a professional to help me move forward into my new life. Took a while before I convinced myself to find someone, chose the second one and sat in the famous chair and we both started listening to the sound of crickets.

A few sessions down the road, I was given the homework of writing anything that was going through my mind at any given time. It didn’t matter what, as long I was writing something. It started with a phrase and eventually turned into pages until I rediscovered a best friend I had lost a long time ago, myself.

Who best to listen to your bleeding heart but yourself! Thinking and talking to yourself doesn’t release the pain as well as pouring the blood onto paper. Of course you can talk it over with friends without forgetting the pint of ice cream or beer, which helps, but there are no reservations when it’s just you, the ink and the paper (or keyboard of course).

Between you and yourself, there are no worries about being judged, reprimanded, ridiculed, etc… Especially if the cause of your bleeding heart is a certain someone. You can shed your tears, share your fears, unleash the anger or pour your heart out.

So the best piece of advice and lesson learned from my professional friend before dealing with an issue that is poisoning the heart, “grab your weapons (pen and paper), take position (write), ATTACK!!! (face the issue with a clearer head).

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