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Dawn of Empty Soul



Today we are surrounded by the self way of living.

We are in a generation of me, myself and I. It’s all about me. What’s in it for me…

Work on yourself, meditate for you, create a new you, ask more for yourself.

Me, me, me, me, me… We are pushed to only think about ourselves but what all these medias, motivators and gurus, or call it whatever you want, have omitted to brainwash us with, or even better, what most of us don’t actually understand is that we also need to realize what we have with us. It’s not just all about me, but also what is part of our lives and the person that we are.

We’ve become so focused on ourselves, trying to make ourselves better and someone we are not that we forget about the other things that makes us whole. We focus on our image, body, our wants. But by turning our constant attention on us, we will eventually become selfish with others, and most dangerously with us. By the end of our life, we risk ending alone with our selfish self… And that is if our selfish self will still have us.




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