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I Got Lost in the Forest of Success

We all want success in which ever part of our lives. We are all capable to reach it but do not know necessarily how to get to it.

We look up to others. We wish we could accomplish what they have accomplished but for some reason, it just doesn’t happen.

Often we get confused between looking up to others and comparing ourselves to them. Then get discouraged and lose self confidence.

I ventured into the forest of success. Full of confidence, repeating to myself that I will make it no matter what, but I got lost, not knowing how to reach my destiny.

Why do I call it the forest of success? The journey to success is exactly like venturing out into the deep woods. You might make it or not. It is full of beauty but also obstacles.

If you see a beautiful forest and are tempted to walk into it, you must be prepared. If not, you might get lost.

Adventurers don’t just go ahead and journey deep into the woods without preparation. They equip themselves with the right tools, plan their route. They have a compass, map, tent, food, etc… It might be their first time venturing in, but they have planned out their excursion. They know they will not only succeed in reaching the other side of the forest, but they will have an amazing inspirational story to tell.

What if your journey called to have others follow, you being their guide. Will they want to follow you who is unprepared? Or the guide who is ready, with all the necessary preps to venture out into that forest? Who would you follow?

If you get lost during your walk to success, nothing is stopping you from going back to step one and start over.

You evaluate what you have done in the past, the good and the bad. Keep the good and figure out how you would fix your mistakes. Philosophers are completely right when they say that obstacles are actually lessons.

Equip yourself with the right tools this time. Be prepared. Also, you must be mentally prepared to surmount obstacles.

As I always say, each obstacle is a stepping stone to walk up the mountain (ok so a forest this time)

You can do this!


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